Know Yourself.
Not Just a Shadow of Yourself.

Discover a powerful system that will conduct you on the most interesting adventure of your life. The adventure of you.

Are you a friend of yours?

Probably the most neglected friend you have is you. And yet every man, before he can be a true friend to the world, must first become a friend to himself.

Few are the men who have not been subjected, on every hand, to a campaign to convince them that they are much less than they think they are.

You would fight anyone who said of your friends what is implied about you. It is time you fought for the best friend you will ever have—yourself.

The first move in striking up this friendship is to make an acquaintance with what you are and what you might become.

“Know thyself!” said the ancient Greek. Until recently it was not possible to make a very wide acquaintance.

L. Ron Hubbard’s Self Analysis will take you through your past, your potentials and your life.

  • MEMORY. Can you, at will, recall everything you have ever learned or heard, every phone number, every name? If you can’t, you can see that there is room for improvement. If your memory were as accurate as a computer and even faster, you would be more efficient and more comfortable and it would certainly save writing those notes you have to make. Self Analysis improves memory.
  • REACTION TIME. Most people react too slowly in emergencies. A lot of accidents happen because of slow reaction time. And in the case of an athlete, reaction time is a direct index as to how capable one may be in a sport. Self Analysis speeds up reaction time.
  • VITALITY. Do you have trouble going to sleep or getting up? Do you feel a little tired a lot of the time? Well, that can be remedied.
  • YOUTHFULNESS. Then there’s the matter of how young or old you may look. Self Analysis can make quite a change there.
  • HAPPINESS. And there’s the matter of plain ordinary ability to be happy in life and enjoy things. And there Self Analysis shines brightly.

Embark on the Great Adventure of Self-Discovery

Now published in 50 languages and used in 160 countries, Self Analysis has helped readers overcome problems and increase their awareness and abilities.

Here is what some of our readers have to say:

  • Jason Dohring
    “Self Analysis gave me a way of handling the stresses and strains of life in the entertainment industry. We all have problems we encounter—negative thoughts, lack of confidence, irrational fears, worries, and countless other things that suppress creativity and accomplishment. Self Analysis had the tools to take away the negativity, freeing me up so I could be more powerful in achieving my intentions and goals and changing my life for the better.”
    Jason Dohring

    Film and TV Actor
    Veronica Mars, Moonlight
    Los Angeles, USA

  • Sheri-color-img
    “Self Analysis lays out a beautifully simple process that allowed me to achieve a complete personal renaissance. There were points in my life when I felt I would never make it to my goals for love, family or career. But after reading and applying the powerful principles in this book, I feel that I have reached a 10 out of 10 on the scale of my hopes and dreams. You just can't put a price on that!”
    Sheri Hamilton

    Chief Operating Officer
    Cardone Capital & Cardone Enterprises
    Miami, USA

  • Serge Ramelli
    Self Analysis helped me understand myself and the hidden factors that were making me withdraw from life and fail to reach my full potential. Using the program, I gained the confidence to quit my day job at age 40 and build a career as a successful fine art photographer. I’m now helping others follow their passion, with over half a million people enrolled on my online photography training courses! Self Analysis helped make all of this possible for me.”
    Serge Ramelli

    Fine Art Photographer and Instructor
    Over 53 Million YouTube views
    Los Angeles, USA

  • Cheryl Berman
    “During my career in advertising, I found Self Analysis to be my guide on how to be myself and present myself to others. Thanks to this amazing little gem, I became more productive, more communicative, and more responsible. I eventually was promoted to Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett, Leo's old job. Years later I started Unbundled, my own currently thriving creative company. Over the years, I have been awarded 8 Cannes Lions, a Journalism Medal of Honor, Ad Woman of the Year, and numerous other awards in the industry. Can Self Analysis actually help change your life? I would definitely say, ‘yes.’”
    Cheryl Berman

    CEO and Chief Creative for Unbundled LLC.
    Award-Winning Ad Professional and Journalist
    Chicago, USA

Your potentialities are a great deal better than anyone ever permitted you to believe.

L. Ron Hubbard

Uncover the Real World of You

Self Analysis contains lists of questions by which the individual can explore his past and improve his reactions toward life.

The intent of these questions is not to focus one’s attention upon the bad things which have happened to him, but upon the good things which have taken place in his life.

A concentration upon these happier circumstances tends to discharge the unhappy circumstances and render them far less forceful.

Today, science has validated what every Self Analysis reader since 1951 has known:

  • Benefits of Self-Reflection

    “The knack for reflecting on our own thoughts is often viewed as a hallmark of the human mind. It is also a vital survival skill.”

    —Scientific American
    Article “The Power of Reflection”
    September 2014
  • Power of Positive Memories

    “These findings indicate that recalling specific positive life experiences may be a resilience factor that helps in lowering depressive vulnerability....”

    —University of Cambridge
    Study “Positive memory specificity is associated with reduced vulnerability to depression.”
    14 January 2019
  • Potentials of Memory

    “When we recall a previous event, we have the ability to re-immerse ourselves in the experience.”

    —University College London
    From Dr. Aidan J. Horner
    2 July 2015

Restore the Vitality of Life

Do you recall a day when you were younger and you woke to find bright dew sparkling on the grass, the leaves, to find the golden Sun bright upon a happy world? Do you recall how beautiful and fine it once was? The first sweet kiss? The warmth of true friendship? The intimacy of a moonlight ride?

What is it that makes one less aware of the brilliance of the world around him? Has the world changed? No, for each new generation sees the glamour and glory, the vitality of life—the same life that in old age one may see as dull at best. The individual changes. And what makes him change?

The answer is found in Self Analysis.

Self Analysis logotype
Know yourself. Not just a shadow of yourself.
Self Analysis Author L. Ron Hubbard

Author, humanitarian and founder of Dianetics and Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard is one of the most acclaimed figures of the modern age.

As his father was a United States naval officer, young L. Ron Hubbard was afforded a rather rare opportunity to travel more than a quarter of a million miles—through India, China, Japan and the Philippines.

It was during this time that another American naval officer who had studied under Sigmund Freud introduced L. Ron Hubbard to the theories of psychoanalysis. Although left with many unanswered questions, here was the moment when his enduring interest in unraveling the mysteries of the human mind was born.

Shortly after his return to the United States in 1929, he entered George Washington University as an engineering student. It was a rigorous curriculum of scientific methodology—the very tools he needed to examine human thinking with unerring accuracy.

Self Analysis contains questions you can answer which will give you a better insight into your capabilities as they are and what they can become—and do not be deceived, for they can become a great deal more than you ever before suspected. With Self Analysis, you can:

  • Increase your consciousness and awareness
  • Change your mental outlook on life
  • Build self-confidence
  • Increase your vitality
  • Improve your memory

One can take the so-called normal person and send his state of being up to levels of brilliance and success not possible before.

Restore an individual's full consciousness and you restore his full life potential.

A New Discovery in Human Behavior

In Self Analysis, L. Ron Hubbard's discovery and codification of the Chart of Human Evaluation plots the descending spiral of life from full vitality and consciousness, through half vitality and half consciousness, down to death.

By various calculations about the energy of life, by observation and by test, this chart is able to give levels of behavior as life declines.

As L. Ron Hubbard says:

“This chart can also be used in employing people or in choosing partners. It is an accurate index of what to expect and gives you a chance to predict what people will do before you have any great experience with them. Also, it gives you some clue as to what can happen to you in certain environments or around certain people, for they can drag you down or boost you high.”

You might have wondered:

  • What is your potential for success?
  • How much do others like you?
  • What is your value as a friend?
  • How well are you understood?
  • What is your future survival potential?

Self Analysis and the Chart of Human Evaluation have the answers.

Learn to know yourself—not just a shadow of yourself.

Here are a few examples of areas where you may not be reaching your full potential, and the results you can get from using this system:


    How many people have you known who have sought consistently, under the mask of seeking to aid you, to tear you apart as a person and reduce your future, your hopes, your goals and the very energy of your life? Self Analysis can help make the damage from such people pass away and deintensify.

    The feeling of being small in the vicinity of large objects sometimes produces the feeling of inadequacy. It is even said that people who are smaller than the average feel less secure in their environment. This evidently stems from the feeling of smallness and inadequacy during childhood. It is not because the person, though smaller, is really inadequate. The perception of relative size is therefore an important perception to rehabilitate.

    There is a whole philosophy in existence that the best thing to do with unpleasant thoughts is to forget them. The word "forget" rests, for its definition, on the action of leaving something alone. If a child has been forcefully made to leave alone or abandon objects, he will proceed to forget them very thoroughly. These questions, then, are an effort to overcome the times when one has had to leave things alone, when one has had to lose things and when the loss has been enforced.

    Try laying your hand in a friendly fashion on the shoulder of someone. All too many people will dodge or shrink away from the contact. The rehabilitation of the sense of touch goes a long way toward rehabilitating one's confidence in one's environment and considerably enhances survival by making it possible for the individual to obtain pleasure, where before there might only have been distaste.

    Clocks and calendars are artificial symbols representing time which is an actual commodity and which can be sensed directly by the individual. This section will help rehabilitate the sense of time.

    Most people are not emotional, they are mis-emotional—in that they do not react to the situations in their environment with the emotion which would be most rational to display. A person who is fully rational would be most able to respond to the stimulus of his environment. Being rational does not mean being cold and calculating. An individual who is rationally happy can be counted upon to make the best calculations. Without free emotion, an individual cannot appreciate, as he should, the pleasant things in his environment.

    So long as an individual maintains his own belief in his ability to handle the physical universe and organisms about him—and to control them if necessary or to work in harmony with them, and to make himself competent over and among the physical universe of his environment—he remains healthy, stable and balanced and cheerful. Self Analysis includes a series of questions that are aimed toward the rehabilitation of his ability to handle organisms and the physical universe.

    One of the most important parts of the thinking process is imagination. Imagination is actually a form of computation. Imagination gives calculated and instinctive solutions for the future. If an imagination is dulled, one's computation is seriously handicapped. Imagination is a good thing, not a bad thing. With daydreaming, for instance, a person can convert a not-too-pleasant existence into something livable. Only with imagination can one determine future goals to attain.

Self Analysis addresses 22 areas that can be holding you back from your full potential.

Self Analysis

Uncovering the real world of you can now be done anywhere and at any time with Self Analysis.

This system provides step-by-step instructions and is the perfect way to learn at home at your own pace.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we established the world’s first all-digital in-house printing facility and automated distribution center to make L. Ron Hubbard's books and lectures accessible to everyone—at minimum cost and maximum speed.


How Does Self Analysis Work?

The barriers of life are really shadows. Learn to know yourself, not just a shadow of yourself. Self Analysis shows you how in 3 steps:

Determine your emotional level before starting to use Self Analysis

With a series of self-examinations and using a special version of the Chart of Human Evaluation, you determine your emotional level before starting to use Self Analysis.


Apply the exercises contained in the Self Analysis workbook

The book is filled with exercises that will make a better friend to have out of yourself if you just apply these exercises for a half an hour a day.


Re-test yourself after 2 weeks and measure your progress

How good can you get? A lot depends on how good you are potentially—but you can be assured that that's a lot better than you ever supposed.


The vitality of living, of seeking higher levels of survival, is life itself.

L. Ron Hubbard

What Makes Self Analysis Different?

As one goes over these questions, he is exploring his own life and during that exploration is attempting to call into view with the highest possible level of reality those things he has perceived.

The immediate result is a heightening of perception of his present time world. Another result is a strengthening of his memory. Yet another result is the rearrangement and reevaluation of things which have happened to him. Another and more mechanical and fundamental result is the deintensification of unpleasant experiences—like bringing them into the light.

For a while, one may feel it is better to forget unpleasant things. Forgotten, they have more force and destructive quality than when examined.

Get Started with Self Analysis


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Here’s What More Self Analysis Readers Have to Say

“I first read and started using this book in college. And it was not easy at first, but it did get easier as I learned it. One has to DO IT. And then it works just like the author says.

“And also just the reading of the text portions created a shift in me that I could notice. I got quicker and more rational and more alert, and I could notice things that I wouldn’t notice before.

“Perceptions went up. My determination on projects got better. Certain things in life got easier. But also, I could take on more, and handle jobs and work better and get things done.”
“After doing these exercises I can recall things which happened when I was a baby! It’s so funny and unexpected—realizing what you felt, what you saw and how you thought about the environment… When I started, my earliest memory was 4 years old, and now I can go into being a few months old.

“The most surprising thing was to remember something—and a year later find old photos of that place… I was like, ‘Really? No way! So it wasn’t my imagination!’”
“This book could be called THE MAGIC OF LIFE. I have been reading, re-reading, practicing and doing what the author instructs as carefully as I can for a few years now. He asks the questions clearly and patiently. I answer.

“It has thoroughly expanded my ability to enjoy life: past, present and future.”
“As I went from being a baby to a child to a teenager to an adult I felt like I lost my true self somewhere along the way. When I read this book and applied the processes to myself, I started to remember more and more about my past as a child and I started to reconnect with who I really was before I started taking on other people’s personalities.

“I felt my own personality become more and more there and I started to really like myself again. The more you do these processes, the more you shed the personality traits of others who might have overwhelmed you in the past and the more you become who you really are. It was a powerful experience for me to go through this therapy that I learned to do on myself.

“Prior to doing this I had very few memories of my childhood and now I have pieced it all together again in a very magical way. I highly recommend this book to people who want to remember their whole past in interesting detail. It helps you regain your own power.”
“True Story: My memory sucks, to say the least. After doing the exercises for 20 minutes per day for about a week, I had to go take complete measurements for a construction job.

“When I got home I found that I’d left my plan book at the site (an hour’s drive away). I reconstructed the plan and the EXACT measurements from memory!”

Who Are We?

Bridge Publications is an award-winning facility at the cutting-edge of technology.

In order to meet the growing demand throughout the United States for more titles, the first publishing organization was established in 1951 that was devoted exclusively to L. Ron Hubbard's works.

The publishing company started in Wichita, Kansas, but expanded to Phoenix, Arizona as L. Ron Hubbard moved his office. A few years later, in 1955, Distribution Center Inc. was founded in Maryland, which was in close proximity to the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, DC.

In 1971, to streamline publishing operations once more, L. Ron Hubbard established Publications Organization United States on Temple Street in downtown Los Angeles. After outgrowing that facility within five years, the operation moved to Catalina Street in Hollywood. Moreover, to better reflect their scope and mission, in 1981 the organization was reincorporated as Bridge Publications, Inc.

In 1988, expansion again prompted Bridge Publications to relocate, this time to nearby Fountain Avenue (where the administrative offices remained until mid-2009). In 1991, the manufacturing and distribution divisions moved to Bandini Boulevard in Commerce, California. It was at the Bandini facility, in 2003, that Bridge Publications installed its first digital press. Then in 2006, the one-room print shop expanded into a full-scale digital book manufacturing plant.

In June 2009, following the recovery and restoration of L. Ron Hubbard’s written works and recorded lectures, and to once again meet the ever-growing demand, Bridge Publications brought all functions together in one location: a 276,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility on Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Today, the new building houses an award-winning and state-of-the-art fully digital in-house book and compact disc production facility, a fully automated distribution center as well as administrative offices to oversee the promotion, marketing and sales of L. Ron Hubbard’s nonfiction materials.

Going to take the whole trip? You're a brave person. I compliment you.

May you never be the same again.

L. Ron Hubbard

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